Call for submissions: The Ubyssey’s annual magazine

This February, we are publishing our annual — and second ever — magazine and are asking for submissions from any and all UBC students.

The theme for this year’s magazine is “how we live.” We will be focusing on the range of experiences in student life from a more personal, literary perspective. The idea is to focus on the average student, their struggles, adventures, interests and identity in a way that brings exposure to important topics on campus while also celebrating diversity.

We are looking for works fitting with three categories: poetry, fiction and recipes — a strange combination to be sure.

Everyone who submits a piece for the magazine will receive two tickets to the upcoming UBC Theatre production of She Kills Monsters, which is opening on January 18.

Each student may submit only one entry per category.

At The Ubyssey, we do not believe in the censoring or limiting of art and encourage you to write on any topic you choose, in whatever way you wish, so long as what you write does not propagate hate speech or discrimination.


The work must adhere to the theme of the magazine which is “how we live.” This is a deliberately broad topic and should give you plenty of freedom to be creative.

Each poem should be formatted single-spaced with 12 point font. We don’t give a shit about what font you use, so long as it isn’t god damned comic sans or wingdings.

Each poem should fit on a single page.


As with poetry, the prompt for your fiction submissions is “how we live.”

Your fiction submissions may be no longer than 2,000 words and must be double spaced with 12 point font.


We are looking for recipes which are important to you. Maybe they’ve been passed down through generations or maybe they’ve been made for you during a hard time in your life or they are your go-to dishes for impressing people — either way, we want you to submit the recipes that mean the most to you.

Include with your submission a complete recipe with the necessary instructions, as well as a 200-word piece explaining the dish’s significance to you.

How to submit

Email your submissions to the magazine’s short-form editor, Alex Nguyen, at The subject heading should read “Magazine submissions.”

Submissions must be sent in a google doc. Please include your name, year and area of study in the left-hand corner of the page.

Students will be notified if their work is going to be published in the magazine.

All submissions must be in by December 30.

Terms and conditions

Ownership and publication rights:

By submitting your work to The Ubyssey, you (the author) hereby agree to give The Ubyssey the right to publish the submitted work both online and in print.

Ownership of the work submitted remains with the author. Publication and reprint rights remain with The Ubyssey for the span of four months following its initial publication. The Ubyssey asks that you notify us in writing before submitting your work to another publication if you are doing so within the four-month period. After the four-month period, all rights will return to the author.


If at any point during the publication process — from submission to publication and onwards — The Ubyssey becomes aware of any misrepresentation by the submitting party in question, The Ubyssey maintains the right to rescind any and all benefits, prizes, publication or promotion given to said party.