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2023 sex issue-4599

I grew up in Calgary, in a fairly fundamentalist religious household. I struggled to find balance between the ‘Western’ ideals of my friends and school, and the traditional teachings around purity and gender relations that were part and parcel of my family’s cultural belief system.

2023 sex issue-4668

On our first beach day of the year, ceremoniously marking the beginning of summer in Vancouver, my best friend Aya and I made a celibacy pact.

2023 sex issue-4566

Hookups can feel like a minefield of potential awkward situations — do you head home at 2 a.m., or stick around for breakfast in the morning? Were they staring deep into your eyes out of basic courtesy, or is it… true love? Is it weird to ask to borrow their deodorant?

2023 sex issue-5164

For almost the entirety of my university career, the only constant in my love life — aside from proclaiming “I’m never downloading a dating app again!” and then doing exactly that — has been heartbreak.

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