Culture Briefing: January 3–10

In case the freezing cold, the sidewalks so slippery that you take your life into your hands walking to get coffee and the general start of the semester have got you feeling a bit shitty, the AMS are bringing us Frost Fest 2017 to warm the ice-encrusted souls of the student population. Running between January 4 and 13, Frost Fest offers a few activities to get you through the first days of classes in a slightly better mood. Here are what's coming in the next week:

Jan 4: Pit Night

This is pretty much like any other Pit Night, giving you and the rest of your fraternity the chance to satisfy your ravenous cravings for beer, dank beats and Pie R Squared between the hours of 6 p.m. and 2 a.m. Drink away your existential sorrows brah!

Jan 5: Open Mic

From 7 to 10 p.m., some brave souls will air on the side of utter madness, pull out their acoustic guitars and mount the stage at the Gallery 2.0 to serenade their audience with that sweet cover of “Stairway to Heaven” that they've been working on. Plus, the Gallery has a new speaker system installed, so if you fuck up, we will hear it with extra clarity.

Jan 6: Pancake Breakfast

Follow the delicious smells to the bus loop to nab yourself a steaming plate of free pancakes liberally drenched with syrup-y goodness. The earlier that you show up, the more likely you are to get your hands on some of this deliciousness.

Jan 6: Acro-yoga

Sure it sounds like the type of yoga that will break you in half, but there are few better ways to end the day than a yoga session. This is all part of the UBC Yoga Club's week of drop-in classes. They only cost $2, without requiring you to buy a membership and run from January 3 to 15. There are an immense amount of classes to choose from, but the acro-yoga session in question will be taking place from 3:30 to 5 p.m.

Jan 6: Women's Hockey Game

The UBC Women's Hockey team is playing host to the UofA Pandas at 7pm to raise awareness for mental health. There will be booths set up around the rink where you can donate to various mental health initiatives.

Jan 9: UBC Improv

The show is free if you have a Winter Classic Ticket and will run you $5 otherwise. Show up at 7 p.m. to the Nest Performance Theatre and enjoy a typically excellent comedy show from the UBC Improv Team. 

Jan 4-12: Coffee For Commuters

For you bleary-eyed, daylight-loathing troglodytes suffering through your morning commute to class, a free dose of coffee will be awaiting your arrival at the bus loop between 8:30 and 11 a.m. Go get your fix of caffeine, you fiend!