Death by Daisies takes the stage at Goosehunt to play some songs about ‘weird shit’

All-girl five-piece group Death by Daisies describe themselves with a range of musical styles, falling somewhere between alternative, emo and wannabe punk. They are one of the many great successes that emerged from of the Blank Vinyl Project’s Build-A-Band programme, forming after meeting at a mixer event in October 2017 and finding themselves joined at the hip as a result.

Laughing and talking over one-another, they described how Goosehunt attendees should expect a range of different emotions in their music.

“It’s a family-friendly fun time,” said guitarist Carly Wiechnik, describing how the band are using their short set as a chance to show their full repertoire. “There will be no talking in between songs. We took 20 minutes and we’re like okay, ‘How can we fit in as many songs as possible?’”

Audiences should expect to hear a mix of covers and original songs, which definitely won’t be about heartbreak. Vocalist and occasional tambourine player Asia Sotera explained, “Our songs aren’t about people. They’re about—”

“Weird shit, honestly!” rhythm guitarist Erika Butler interjected. “We have one song that I literally wrote about my syntax class, and there’s stuff about world issues, or societal issues or literally nothing.”

Whatever they decide to bring to the stage on Saturday, the crowd can expect a mixed bag of songs and a first-class show.

Outside of Death by Daisies, the band members have pretty busy lives. They are all pursuing degrees at UBC and also somehow find the time to make music together, play shows together and in some cases live together, with stories of a kitchen that would “put Martha Stewart to shame.” With their expanding influence, the band are looking forward to more shows, getting some recording time and playing to as many different audiences as they can — provided it fits in with term-time.

Death by Daisies play Goosehunt on Saturday, March 30 at Koerner’s Pub at 9:40 p.m.