Fringe 2015: Alone in the Universe

If you are someone with a tendency to address the heavy questions in life with a sense of humour, then Vancouver Fringe's Alone in the Universe is meant for you.

In an hour-long one-man performance, comedian Adam Pateman is launched into outer-space to find the meaning of the universe. Unfortunately, he also finds himself forced to explain to an omnipotent alien why humankind needs to keep existing. Naturally, he must respond in the only way he knows how: sketch and stand-up comedy featuring a variety of crazy characters and acts.

Having mainly done stand-up comedy for the past 13 years, this is Pateman’s first serious attempt at doing a one-man comedy show. Part of the reason for this first time approach includes wanting to experiment with different forms of comedic spectacle such as mimework and musical numbers.

Additionally, Pateman also wants to bring out the full potential for certain gags he’s used in the past – namely, a character of an elderly woman whom he commonly utilizes in his stand-up routines.

Audiences can expect some relatable and inspirational answers from the show given the existential subject matter. More importantly, to also get plenty of laughs at how funny those answers can be.