Scary Spooky Stories: The ‘Haunted’ Zoom

Since the beginning of October, there have been some spooky reports of haunted sightings during virtual class lectures.

Students have reported that during their lectures, they would see a dark, cloaked spectre with a Jack-o-Lantern head passing behind professors and a few other students.

No one knows exactly who this mysterious figure is, but some suspect it is a ghost that somehow travels great distances to haunt Zoom participants.

Others suspect that it’s a prank generated by some programming genius hacking into meetings and playing around with animated backgrounds.

A few students think that this is all a plan crafted by UBC, who have assigned professors and a few students to have this Jack-o-Lantern guest as their animated backgrounds. Perhaps hoping that it will get students off their phones or shopping catalogues and pay better attention to lectures.

Whatever it is or the reason behind it, it’s certainly getting students to attend their classes while sending shivers down their spines. Maybe someday we will find out soon but for now, this remains a mystery.