1. You will attend Chinese school. You will be a better candidate for the workforce and be able to communicate with relatives whom I cannot understand.

2. You will learn piano. You will develop fine-motor skills to become a surgeon and have a creative outlet to express your internal discourse.

3. You will have a math tutor. You will be top of your classes and have the confidence to excel in STEM fields, where I couldn’t.

4. You will tell me about your day. You will map out how productive you have been and allow me the opportunity to validate your hard work and every success.

5. You will help me cook because we have food at home. You will avoid wasting money on restaurant food and enjoy the remnants of ginger, garlic and peppercorn on your clothes.

6. You will watch and read content from cultural icons of my time. You will gain a balanced appreciation for the arts to complement your university application and become inspired by the wits of Ali Wong, David Chang and Awkwafina.

7. You will support me during your Chinese lessons. Your structured childhood will help me reach my full potential because your 老老 and 老爷 were exhausted and didn’t have the means to raise me the same way I will raise you.