October Octaves of UBC - 2021

After the success of September’s UBC playlist, the bar is pretty high for the October edition, so without further ado, here is October’s round up of songs that UBC students have been enjoying. The Ubyssey spoke to students on campus about which songs suited their autumnal commute to class; some students discussed why they feel connected to these songs and how music is related to cherished memories. See for yourself what music students enjoy and why — you might even find some new additions for your own playlist!

Poonum Bains: Second year, faculty of arts student

  • “Stars Align” by Majid Jordan. “I really love this song, because Drake shouts my star sign in the middle of it and I’m really into astrology, but overall I really enjoy the beat of the song — it’s a chill vibe but it’s not sad. It really calms me on my car rides to campus and just gives me a sense of relaxation.”
  • “Jukebox Joints” by A$AP Rocky. “I feel like this song is just a classic. A$AP Rocky makes the perfect music for fall time, in my opinion. Most of his music is really soothing and calm and matches the vibe for this time of year.”
  • “She’s Mine Pt.1” by J. Cole. “I started listening to this song again recently because I feel like the lyrics are just so beautiful [and] listening to J. Cole when you’re stuck in traffic definitely helps the time pass. I feel like his music is always good, an evergreen artist and song for sure.”

James Kennedy: Fourth year, faculty of science

  • “So Long Forever” by Palace. “This song gives me a sense of relief and comfort, it is a beautiful song in every respect from the band to Leo’s vocals. It’s honestly enchanting. It’s a comfort song of mine, too, and helps me get past tough times and bad days. The best part of the song is at 0:52 seconds.”
  • “Brother Down” by Sam Roberts Band. “‘Brother Down’ makes me feel nostalgic and melancholy; it makes me think of my dad, who is my main music influence, and also family road trips and just being a carefree kid. The song makes me feel a little sad just because it really reminds me of my childhood. I wish I could turn back time. I feel like I just have my own connection to this song, but it is definitely worth the listen.”
  • “What Is Life” by George Harrison. “This song makes me feel cheerful and sentimental and makes me so happy and thankful for life and God’s gifts and everything I have. I’m so lucky, blessed and privileged and this song reminds me of that. Also makes me think of my girlfriend and how much I love her. Definitely recommend it, it’s a happiness booster for sure.”

Gabriella Sipsas: Fourth year, faculty of arts

  • “Untitled” by Rex Orange County. “Rex is one of my favourite artists and I think this song is so pretty and meaningful. It reminds me of my boyfriend who makes me feel so loved and cared for. I would recommend this song to people who are ‘in their feels’ for someone.”
  • “Breathe” by Blu Cantrell and Sean Paul. “This is such a great throwback and makes me feel happy. It’s a sample from a Dr. Dre song but the lyrics are different and they focus on a toxic love story. While I don't relate to the lyrics, I love the beat of the song and it’s fun to sing along to, especially when driving.”
  • “Santé” by Stromae. “I love French music; I was in French immersion so French music is nostalgic to me. This song just came out by one of my favourite French artists who hasn’t released a song in eight years, so this is a big deal. It’s super upbeat and I also love the music video. This artist always showcases important messages through his music and music videos, and this one centres itself around the hardest[-]working people who work tough jobs and hours.”

Paul Kee: Fourth year, faculty of arts

  • “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley. “This song reminds me of a friend and the good times I had with them. I love the beat of the song, and the singer’s vocals are insanely good. This song is from a while ago, but if you’ve never heard it, I definitely recommend it.”
  • “Project Dreams” by Marshmello x Roddy Ricch. “I really like this song because it brings me nostalgia from my second year at UBC [because] I used to listen to it before every test. I think it’s a good song to get you in a good mood before you have to do something stressful [and] all around, it gives off really good energy through its rhythm.”
  • “Roxanne” by Arizona Zervas. “I listen to this song because it reminds me of good times I’ve had with my friends. The song is really upbeat and the lyrics are extremely catchy. It’s a good song to listen to on a car drive when you’re just trying to enjoy and live in the moment.”

Evelyn Dina: Third year, faculty of applied science

  • “Bach Cello in C” by Johann Sebastian Bach. “I listen to this song when I study because it helps me with concentration. Listening to classical music can be really beneficial when you have to get a lot of work done, but this song in particular is my favourite to help me get through midterm season.”
  • “Blinding Lights” by The Weeknd. “I listen to ‘Blinding Lights’ in the mornings [because] I feel like it really puts me in a good mood and helps me to start off my day on the right note. I love the beat of this song. The Weeknd’s vocals, in all his songs, are amazing.”
  • “Outside” by Calvin Harris featuring Ellie Goulding. “This song is the perfect song to listen to when you’re going for a late night drive. Ellie Goulding’s voice is so soothing and the song itself encapsulates the vibes of a night time adventure.”