The Ubyssey’s 2018 Oscar’s drinking game

As the celebrity elites prepare for the biggest night of the year, us average Joes sit on our couches and watch them schmooze it up on the red carpet. Obviously, the only way for us to deal with our jealousy for this celebration of art, industry and opulence is alcohol. So, we decided to make a drinking game for that star-studded night to make your Oscar party a little more interesting.

Take a drink when:

  • Someone makes a reference to Donald Trump
  • Someone accidentally swears during their speech
  • An actor puts their acting skills to work when they lose an award
  • A movie or performance is called “powerful”

Take two drinks when:

  • You see someone on the “in memoriam” segment who you didn’t know was dead
  • John Travolta does something really weird
  • The music starts to play someone off as they thank their mother
  • An old acting legend you’ve never heard of slowly presents a category no one cares about

Finish your drink when:

  • Someone falls down
  • Meryl Streep does something charming
  • Your pick wins best picture
  • When everyone’s favourite category, sound mixing, is presented

Break out the liquor when:

  • Sufjan Stevens’s performance makes you cry and feel alone