Sounds for Syria uses music and art to provide refugee relief

Sounds for Syria is an annual event which has been organized by the UBC AMS Refugee Relief Club since 2015. The event was initially created in reaction to the migration crisis that escalated in Europe that year.

“The purpose of this event is showcase the talent here at UBC while advocating our thoughts,” said Faizan Maqbool, the event planner of AMS Refugee Relief. There will be music, including performances by bands from the Blank Vinyl Project and live poetry.

The club hopes to raise awareness of refugee issues through cultural interactions so that more people can participate in the cause and have an understanding towards refugees around the world. Ivan Trinajstic, the vice president external of AMS Refugee Relief, emphasized that “especially this year, it’s going to be a very kind of diverse range of performances.”

Trinajstic also mentioned the important role that UBC plays for their club.

“They gave us a platform to spread our message and spread information, [and provide] awareness to people around campus. That’s how I got interested in it and that’s why I joined this club.”

There are still ongoing refugee issue around the world, but Maqbool said that every contribution helps. “... [T]hings go a long way, so no matter how small the contribution, you still are helping.”

The world we live in might not even close to an ideal, but this is a group where every member is fighting for a better world. “We are here,” said Trinajstic, “and we believe that we are doing good for a community and all the people that are involved.”

Sounds for Syria is happening on November 26 from 7 p.m. to 1o p.m. in the Nest.