Totem park reminisces childhood memories with Seussical

Childhood memories will be invoked with Totem Park’s production of Seussical, a musical based on three popular stories of Dr. Seuss, Horton Hears a Who, Horton Hatches the Egg and Miss Gertrude McFuzz.

“It’s Dr. Seuss. It’s the imagination. It’s the dream of all, animals, light colour. It’s really fun for the audience as well for the actors to live through that character as they live to what’s going on throughout the play,” said the co-director of Seussical, Levi Chapman.

Chapman sees value in Seussical as a an opportunity for students to be engaged in something fun and relateable.

“Musicals are always special, and I think Seussical stands about the rest. It’s bright. It’s colourful. It’s bold. It comes from Dr. Seuss, who’s only creative. If you think back to your childhood, Dr. Seuss is always part of your childhood. And what we tried to do is bring back that childhood for the audience, for the adults, for everyone,” said Chapman.

When he saw that Totem would be presenting Seussical, Chapman said knew he had to be involved, either with directing or otherwise. Growing up in the theatre, he has experience in acting, backstage work and directing. He and his co-director, Emmeline Braun, led the talented freshmen in Totem Park to put on the show. Despite being first-years, the cast includes a lot of experienced actors, singers and dancers.

The musical gives students the chance to try out a talent they might otherwise not know they had. “I think the residence musical promotes the spirit and togetherness of the community, helping students to get involved ... I mean, we have the space, we have the talents. There are a lot of buildings in each residence, and there are a lot of good talents that’s hidden there,” said Chapman.

As a popular musical, the Seussical has been produced many times with full renditions on YouTube. Chapman, however, is still confident that the team will provide a different taste for the audience.

“We modernize the costume a little bit so they are not completely animal. We also put a new twist in it,” said Chapman. In addition, since the venue in Totem Park Ballroom is smaller than normal theatre, Chapman promises the audience will be immersed in the colourful world of Dr. Seuss even before the show starts.

“Every production is going to be different and I think ours is a good interpretation of what Dr. Suess wrote,” said Chapman.