British Columbia born and raised, what does it mean to be Asian to me?

Being Asian to me is dressing up for Eid and going to my grandparents’ house indulging in the plentiful snacks!

Being Asian to me is driving from Langley to Surrey to catch the latest Bollywood flick to grace the screen.

Being Asian to me is having the girls next to you in Grade 1 stare at your naan, chicken and chutney with their noses turned up and away, uttering ‘Eww how can you eat that?’

Being Asian, to me, means feeling the joy and happiness of seeing other Asian cultures and traditions being celebrated, from Diwali to Chinese New Year to Vaisakhi in the streets. It is a privilege to live in a place where we can all celebrate in peace!

Being Asian to me is going to McDonald’s in a saree before a wedding, and feeling the awkwardness of being the most done-up brown thing there.

Being Asian, to me, means knowing at the end of the day that the whole community is there for each other, ready to face the good and the bad side by side.

British Columbia born and raised; this is what it means to be Asian to me!