You still get to see Joey Bada$$, even if he might not see you

If you kept up with all of that juicy solar eclipse news, you probably heard about one of its casualties, Joey Bada$$, who lived up to his name by disregarding pretty sound advice from countless scientists and staring straight into that eclipsing sun.

Unsurprisingly, that did not go well for him and several upcoming concerts were promptly cancelled due to “unforeseen circumstances” with the implication being that Bada$$’s corneas had melted within his head.

What possessed Bada$$ to undertake this mighty showdown with an immense celestial orb of fire and gas, we may never know, though this tweet might shed some *cough* light on the subject:

Concerned about Bada$$’s ability to perform at the upcoming Welcome Back BBQ while recovering from a sterling example of natural selection at work, The Ubyssey reached out to the AMS to confirm whether or not Bada$$ is still coming.

They said yes.

So worry not — you’ll still get to see the show, but Bada$$ probably won’t.