Parasport Games

Thursday, October 19th at 5 PM - 11 PM


Hosted by UBC REC


Have you ever wanted to try out a traditional sport from a new perspective? Get the chance to try activities like wheelchair basketball from the perspective of adaptive athletes. Teams of 4-6 compete in different Parasport activities. This tournament will redefine the way you think about sports and the athletes that play them. For more information or to register visit: recreation.ubc.ca/parasport-games. REGISTRATION DEADLINE is October 16th at 5 PM. Volunteer with us: Events like these would not take place without the enthusiasm and energy of students like you, who participate, but also the volunteers that make it run successfully. We are looking for a few extra hands to help during the event. If that interests you, feel free to fill out the volunteer form at: recreation.ubc.ca/volunteer Have Questions? At UBC Recreation we aspire to include everyone in our programs and facilities. But you may have questions or concerns about if this event is right for you. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our event team at im.events5@ubc.ca.