Don't Pass It Down

Friday, March 29th at 5 PM - 7 PM

UBC Global Lounge (Building 1 in the
Marine Drive Residence)

Hosted by UofMosaic Fellows of The Mosaic Institute


We all grow up hearing things about 'other' people. Many of us have felt 'othered'. That experience of being 'othered', of experiencing prejudice, stays with us. Many of us have also treated or spoken of people who are different from us as 'other'. In collaboration with ORICE and Arts for Awareness, we are hosting a sit-down dinner for an opportunity for any and all people interested in unpacking intergenerational prejudice to come together and engage in a rich dialogue. It will be a night full of delicious food (served by amazing Syrian women at Tayybeh), talented spoken word artists, and great conversations!

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