Building Biotech 2018

Thursday, September 27th at 6 PM - 9 PM

Coast Coal Harbour Hotel

Hosted by Student Biotechnology Network


The Student Biotechnology Network is delighted to kick off the 2018-2019 season with our annual Building Biotech Event. This year, with Building Biotech: Creating New Opportunities in the BC Bioeconomy, we hope that the stories that are shared and ideas exchanged inspire you to continue to reach for the stars. If the success of previous events is anything to go by, this evening is an excellent opportunity to re-connect with other enthusiastic students and industry professionals, while gaining insight and perspectives on the local life sciences industry over a delicious three course dinner. *** The SBN is a non-profit organization run by students for students, with a primary mission of bridging the gap between students and industry professionals. Come join us for networking opportunities with professionals in a number of fields, including business, life sciences, and engineering. We were founded at UBC in 1997, and have continued to deliver high quality and subsidized events to students throughout BC. Interested in volunteering with us? Send us an email at