Reporting on Black Communities

Thursday, February 25th at 12 PM - 1 PM


Hosted by UBC School of Journalism, Writing, and Media


Following the Black Lives Matter protests this past summer, the journalism industry in Canada is being forced to reckon with its own damaging history of anti-Black reporting. While journalists take an oath to do no harm and tell the truth, many stories about Black communities in Canada reinforce harmful stereotypes and beliefs about Black people, which has lasting, devastating impacts on every part of their lives. In this workshop, we’ll briefly look back at the history of Black Canadians, and their representation in the media, in order to understand the legacy of oppression, discrimination and systemic racism that are entrenched in our society and media coverage. Then we’ll analyze how language and portrayals further harm to Black communities, the critical issues affecting Black communities face today from COVID-19 and health to crime and police brutality. Lastly, we’ll learn how to gather story ideas, report on, interview and enter Black communities fairly, respectfully and with accountability.