Cats Flippin Birds Presents
Merlin Cosmos & Special Guests
July 27 & 28 Event Begins @

Saturday, July 27th at 7 PM - Sunday, July 28th at 1 AM

Lana Lous

Hosted by Cats Flippin Birds


Come for the show, stay for the party! Magic & Martinis, presented by Cats Flippin Birds, brings you a strong contender for the most imaginative, innovative and unique experience available in Vancouver based events. Merlin Cosmos, an iconic staple in Canadian entertainment, has shared the stage with many of the greats including Jim Carrey, Elvis Costello, Howie Mandel, Steven Wright & Norm Macdonald. A magician with attitude and a distinct point of view, Merlin will have you simultaneously scratching your head and slapping your knee. Dreams coming true is just one of the featured illusions. Supporting acts include, but are not limited to: Ola Dada A recent champion among comedians, showrunner for Black Out Comedy at The Portside Pub and a meme generating machine on Instagram, Ola continuously brings the energy of a first time comic along with the wit, storytelling and observations of a veteran. Seb Chamney A long time figure in the Vancouver music scene, Seb seemingly prefers to be introduced as just a dude with a guitar. So. Prepare to have your expectations exceeded. Shadowfax Lord of all horses. Tireless steed of Gandalf the Grey (nee Olórin). Ridiculous beach bod. These are all words that describe the horse Shadowfax, but don’t at all describe the members of the band Shadowfax. But at least they can hold instruments. You ever try doing that with hooves? Not easy. Take that, neighsayers! Sad folk, dancey folk, artsy folk, and hip hop are their game. Join the herd. Looking For Friends Local improv trio with an undying passion for breaking the mold and inventing new formats, Carson, Jake & Meg treat comedy like a bartender with a strong jawline after a messy break up. They come on strong, deliver a night to be remembered among all other hits and leave you wanting more as they ignore your calls the next day. Hosted by pseudo-realistic indie band Cats Flippin Birds, who will be fresh off the release of their debut EP and ready to start sharing a few featured tracks off The Next Album. And this is just what's on the bill. Who knows what "& more" stands for. Follow everyone on IG & FB: @merlin.cosmos (Merlin Cosmos) @showtime.dada (Showtimedada) @sebchamneyguitar (Seb Chamney) @shadwofaxfolk (Shadowfax) @lffcomedy (Looking For Friends Comedy)