I’ve never even had a sex. I can cook well, which is apparently the only criteria required. So here are some recipes to put you in the mood, if I knew what “the mood” was or why my mom keeps giggling when I tell her about this piece.

Burlesque in a classroom environment is also about being able to find a point of balance between comfort and discomfort.

How were we able to connect in such a real way, in what some would call a more technology-invested, disconnected age? Well, I say we are also in an era with a growing desire for deep connection — and conscious relationships are filling this void.

I was in sixth grade when I realized that I thought there was something beautiful about pain, and I hated myself for that.

The ways that we work, play and socialize are dramatically different than they were 30 years ago. So are the ways we get off.

I nod, allowing my mind to drift away from my body, until I am just a prop in the musical she is orchestrating. A musical that always ends with her thanking me for my performance.

Milder, more mainstream kinks related to domination and submission — like bondage and choking — seem to be fairly common, but there are definitely some of us who really get down and dirty.

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