Olamide Olaniyan is a fourth-year economics and politics major and The Ubyssey's sports editor. He once got his head stuck in a stairwell banister, and once wrote a love poem about cheeseburgers. If you've fallen in love, his number is 7789275073.

Sienna Cohen is a fourth-year psychology student. "My two real boyfriends are alike in that they were kind-hearted, funny people, and also in that neither of them knew about my longest relationship with my most consistent lover: depression."

Aiken Lao is a third-year commerce student and the Design Editor of The Ubyssey. She is powered by dad jokes, donuts and Red Bull and will take bribes. Fun fact: this issue is printed with the blood and tears of Aiken and several other editors.

Alexandra Cole is a third year Arts student studying creative writing and film production. She loves eggs benedict, conspiracy theories, and really good head. Alex identifies as pansexual, but why does that matter anyway?

Emilie Kneifel is a second year UBC COGS student who lives in an apartment with her best friend named Kate, eats lots of fruits, makes lots of lists, and gets much too excited about new connections on LinkedIn.

Hana Golightly is a second-year media studies student and a staff writer for The Ubyssey. This year she has kept six small plants mostly alive, and that’s all anyone can really hope for if you ask her!

Josh is The Ubyssey's Photo Editor and thinks he is funnier than he actually is. He's half-Jewish and still feels divided on the Israel-Palestine conflict. He enjoys politics, travelling, and gluten-free living.

Pop Danthology 2012 received approximately 80 million views. “The success of this one project actually cannibalized my entire channel and OCPD blog. It’s not giving me the voice I want to have — it’s just mixing other people’s voices.”

The Pit is known for its Wednesday night “Pit Nights” — a fascinating display of first-years experiencing their first drops of alcohol and student politicians emerging from their offices in a frenzied rage to punish their bodies with hard liquor.

At the beginning of November, Lauren Taylor and a team of students including Alaia Hamer, Edward Dawson, Stefan Zubovic and Sophie Tang began work,on, what would be for many, their largest and most ambitious project to date.

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