Yu has been actively involved in public debate on issues of immigration and racism in Canada since he responded to the controversial Maclean’s article “Too Asian?” — now-titled “The enrollment controversy” — which questioned how the demographic makeup of Canadian universities with a large Asian population has an impact on campus life.

Founded by UBC student Mahima Kapoor, Partners In Kind — formerly the AMS Afya Club — utilizes video chat platforms such as Skype or FaceTime to facilitate communication between current UBC students and prospective students abroad, as well as younger school-aged children.

I had zero expectations of the country when I first landed in it — perhaps this turned out for the best as I was pleasantly surprised and immediately taken to the beauty of the place.

When I was a kid and we would visit Nana Chestney, it always meant the Natural History Museum — the greatest in the worst — and a whole hell of a lot of British candy. Being above the legal drinking age, this trip meant pints and a whole hell of a lot of British candy (I would kill and die for Colin the Caterpillar).

Viruses have gained the power to steer democracy and target institutions, including universities, with an abundance of sensitive and valuable information.

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