The truth is…

I used to dread family gatherings.

Something about them just —


They’re too frequent,

and we barely even

know each other anyways,

so what’s the point?

— is all I can say

but, in recent years,

I’ve noticed something.

As we get older,

and move away from each other

to different schools around the country

and move on from each other

to lead different lives,

our bonds (somehow)

become stronger;

our memories (for some reason)

start to mean more.

And I see that you’ve noticed it, too:

in the way we started

greeting each other with more tenderness,

and laughing louder at the dining table,

and waving goodbye with bittersweet smiles.

Yet, the words I need to say,

they get stuck in my throat.

Today was fun.

Learning about each others’

thoughts and feelings,

likes and dislikes,

personalities and quirks.

Learning to understand

one another

in a way we never made an effort to

way back then.

I’ll miss you.

Maybe all it took was

physical d i s t a n c e

for us to bridge our

emotional distance.

I look back and

regret all those years spent

not appreciating each other

and recognize how close we could have been,

and now that I know you well enough,

I think that

we could be


Or at least,

the type of


you don’t dread seeing on holidays.

We should do this more often.

And I hold on to the hope

that another family gathering

is only a lifetime away.