Strong independent young woman seeking a look

University should be a safe space to experiment with expressing your identity through your look. And for my first year, it sort of was. I came to school with big pink boots and dyed some of my hair pink. It was a look, I promise. Now that I’m halfway through second year, I feel like I’m supposed to have things a bit more figured out. Most people seem to have their distinct look figured out, whether it be sleek and polished or fun and colourful, but I still haven't found mine. I’d love to come to school in my pink boots with a short black skirt and a band t-shirt, but it gives off teenager-me vibes and I’m trying to give off intelli- gent-young-woman vibes.

The young woman part isn’t so hard, usually that gets checked off when I wear brown boots and a long black jacket. It’s the woman part that I struggle with. How do you enjoy your femininity and still look like an adult? I’ve tried to copy what I see other young women wearing, but tight jeans just weren’t for me. And blouses? Forget it. So usually I just throw on some comfortable leggings plus a loose t-shirt and call it a day. While I feel more comfortable in those, I feel like I’m hiding behind black, loose clothes and not celebrating the woman that I’m proud to be.

Does my femininity have to come across in what I wear? Why do I care so much how people perceive me? Why is it so hard to look like an educated young adult and still look feminine?