Unsolicited advice: Use lube!

My friends,

Sometimes things get rough. Things get tight. Things get a little uncomfortable. Things get a little long.

You’ve got to lube it up.

I’m not kidding. Buy yourself some lube, throw it in your bedroom drawer and apply as needed — and trust me, lube is almost always needed. You think you’re enjoying sex now? Mmm, you poor child.

Sometimes there’s a weird feeling for those with vaginas to use lube because “our bodies are supposed to do that for us” but just because you’re not producing doesn’t mean you’re not enjoying. Being aware of your body and help out when you can.




More specifically, you have three types of lube: oil, water and silicone based. Oil-based lubes are great for those looking to be as natural as possible. Coconut oil is a popular choice, but oil-based lubes can damage latex condoms and might interfere with embryo development or damage sperm, so only use them if you’re protected against what you need to be protected against in other ways.

Water-based lube is the most common type (think Trojan and KY), and generally you’d be fine with picking any one up. They don’t affect condoms and feel like the most natural lubricant. They’re usually tasteless and can be used in any type of sex.

Silicone-based lubes are a bit more expensive, but they’re made to last longer. Looking for a two-hour romp without any reapplication? Grab a silicone. Trust me. They’re made to last longer and stay slippery. Just make sure you don’t use it with your silicone toys because they can break down the fun.

Now go out there and enjoy your newly-lubed sex!