Unsolicited advice: Sex toys

First off, the website Oh Joy Sex Toy answers the question, “what if there was a sex toy review site, but better, and also comics?”

Heads up: the Wellness Centre sells a bunch of stuff for all bodies. Short on ideas? Drop by.

Vibrators make an awesome addition whether you’re flying solo or partnered up. Figure out what works when you’re alone, then add a person.

Dildos pair well with other toys. Add a vibrator, cock ring, another dildo, another person — you’ve got options.

Butt plugs, or any kind of butt stuff, is easier when your thighs are at a less-than-90-degree angle to your torso, with your knees close to your chest. And for the love of all that is loveable, use lube (silicone- or oil-based, because water based absorbs too quickly). Your sphincter’s job is to keep stuff moving out, so you’re gonna need a little pressure on that thing to keep it in. If anything hurts, SLOW DOWN, back out a little, and try again.

Nervous about introducing toys to your partner? Familiarize yourself with the toy on your own time, so if your partner’s not into it, you can still have fun.

Remember: nobody from “Sex-Havers Weekly” is standing by with a clipboard to critique your form. If something doesn’t work, laugh it off and try something else. After all, it’s just sex.