Sex and relationships at university: The Ubyssey’s sex issue

Valentine’s Day ideas: what to do if you’re single

So you’re alone on Valentine’s Day! That’s totally cool. Although seeing Facebook post after Facebook of ‘oh-look-at-these-chocolates-I-just-received’ can become tiresome regardless of whether you actually want or don’t want a relationship, not having a significant other on the day of love doesn’t mean that you should miss out on doing something fun and frivolous this weekend. Read more

Valentine’s Day ideas: what to do if you’re not single

So you are not alone on Valentine’s Day! You, too, will likely come across about a thousand-and-one articles that tell you all about the things that you should do or buy or eat with your sweetheart on February 14. That’s cool if you are into that sort of thing, but these types of articles usually end up falling back on the old diner-and-a-movie routine. Read more

UBC’s 20 hottest profs, according to

There are far too many profs at this school with a flaming chili pepper, so in order to rank them, we had to break it down by overall rating. The following 20 profs all have flaming peppers and more than 50 ratings on the site. Read more

Sex issue: Andrew Lai on the advantages of being a virgin

When initiating conversations with new people, it is difficult to steer the course of the conversation to one that is meaningful and engaging. Being a virgin allows you bring the topic up to the new person, and upon learning you are one they will gain a positive impression of you. A typical conversation may go like this: Read more

Long distance dating

Anyone who has ever tried to maintain a committed relationship with someone who lives in a different city, country or even continent will know that there will always be hordes of people to tell you why doing so is a terrible idea and name all the ways in which things can go awry. I’m going to skip to the punch line and tell you to give it a whirl if you think that what you have now is worth hanging on to. Read more


Sex issue: How to tell if your TA likes you

Trying to tell if your TA is into you? Well here is a list to help you navigate the dangerous territory of dating your TA. Read more

Sex issue: How to transition from friends to friends with benefits

To start off, it is important to remember that every friendship is different, as is every person, so the same advice will not apply to everyone. However, I will try to give some tips that work almost universally. Read more

Keeping your friends with benefits

No-strings-attached relationships don’t work for everyone, but there are some sure fire ways to see if they’re right for you. If you can separate physical and emotional attraction, and are of the belief that sex doesn’t equate to love, then it’s safe to say you’re ready to find yourself a friend with benefits. Read more

How to talk dirty (if you’re a nice person)

A nice guy or nice girl will want to fall back on the classics. Adding “naughty” or “filthy” should work more often than not, while talking about punishment, bonding and crawling on the floor will turn on those who are into the kinkier activities. Read more

Sex issue: Explore your sensuality

People don’t often discuss the sensuality of sex, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a connection between the two. Understanding your sensuality may lead to a better understanding of your body, and better sex. Since this whole supplement is on sex, here are some ways that you can explore your sensuality. Read more

Dating app reviews

We gave our writers the task of reviewing three of the top-rated mobile dating apps on the market today. Here’s what they had to say. Read more[/row_right][/fw_row]