UBC’s 20 hottest profs, according to ratemyprofessors.com

There are far too many profs at this school with a flaming chili pepper, so in order to rank them we had to break it down by overall rating. The following 20 profs all have flaming peppers and more than 50 ratings on the site, and are ranked by overall score. The quotes are taken from their ratings page.

20. Maria Weatherby, Social Science — 3.5.

“Maria really incorporates her real life experiences into the concepts that she teaches.”

19. Michael Vaney, Economics — 3.6.


18. Celeste Leander, Biology — 3.8.

“Sooo fun to go to class. Bio was my fave course last term.”

17. Gerald Baier, Political Science — 4.0.

“Baier's lectures were entertaining, he's very passionate.”

16. Patricia Mallie, Accounting — 4.0.

“Patricia went waaaayyy too fast … it was impossible to grasp anything.”

15. Laura Hanson, Psychology — 4.1.

“Dr. Hanson is a very engaging lecturer and uses a lot of video clips.”

14. Allen Sens, Political Science — 4.1.

“He is passionate about the topics but also about his students.”

13. Jennifer Shabbits, Science — 4.1.

“i'm in arts, and i did not take any science courses, but i did not miss any of her bio200 classes on tuesday thursday.MAN, so h0t!”

12. Christopher Erickson, Political Science — 4.2.

“Erickson is really nice to look at.”

11. Silvia Bartolic, Family Studies — 4.2.

“Dry as bones.”

10. Gaston Gordillo, Anthropology — 4.2.

“So smart, so hot, great hair, great accent, just great.”

9. Majid Alimohammadi, Anatomy — 4.3.

“You most definitely will NOT fall asleep.”

8. Sunaina Assanand, Psychology — 4.3.

“The definition of beauty, inside and out.”

7. Michael Souza, Psychology – 4.4.

“Makes time to connect one on one.”

6. Paul Carter, Computer Science – 4.4.

“Stay on top or else you’re doomed.”

5. Javed Iqbal, Physics – 4.5.

“Would marry him if I could.”

4. Clive Chapple, Economics – 4.5.

“Very engaging, but makes you work for it.”

3. Geoffrey Winthrop-Young, Language – 4.5.

“Just to take it all in may be one of the best things in UBC.”

2. Fok-Shuen Leung, Mathematics – 4.8.

“Definitely do-able if you work hard!”

1. Jackie Stuart, Chemistry – 4.8.