The unlit flame: my Tinder misadventures

Look at my Tinder profile. I’m a fun-loving, confident, witty, charming and adorable 21 year-old, or that’s what I’ll have you believe. I didn’t write anything in my bio — I don’t want to look like the keen one.

Fit to be tied: my flirtation with the world of kink

I expected my environment to be consent-heavy and accepting: a place where events that would distract from a normal party — say, somebody stripping to their skivvies and getting smacked around for a bit — were not only commonplace, but encouraged.

Science of Sex and Love

This section takes a scientific perspective to debunk some myths about sex and try to make sense of what's going on in our brains.


These perspectives are from those around campus who felt comfortable sharing their thoughts on their positionality. These perspectives were open-ended to the authors and those who wrote volunteered what they felt was pertinent to be shared.


UBC offers a variety of services related to sexual health, including counselling, medical assistance and informative resources, and a number of groups are here to represent and offer support related to gender and sexuality.

Valentine's Day traditions in Japan, Korea and China

In typical western culture, Valentine's Day is often celebrated by exchanging chocolates, flowers and other objects of affection. Other parts of the world celebrate romantic love — or the lack thereof — as well, but in starkly different ways.

Sex on Campus

From places to have sex on campus to stories of how campus couples met to advice on how to sext, we've got you covered.