Then and now: photos of UBC’s changing campus

Between the new SUB, bookstore renovations and improvements on Main Mall, UBC has undergone some major changes in the last five years alone. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be documenting just how much campus has changed over the years. Click and drag the blue dot in the centre of each image to show the full photo.

On the surface, the current SUB hasn’t changed much since 1968.

In 2009, around 2,000 people took part in the Great Farm Trek in opposition to plans to build housing on the UBC Farm.

What is now mostly construction fences used to be a patio.

The Knoll used to be a place for students who want to hang out in the sun, as well as a rallying point for the campus left. The New SUB will be integrated with what is left of the Knoll, with the new Pit Pub underneath it.

The SUB used to have a bowling alley and arcade in the area that is now the Dive Shop and a cafeteria.

The area around IKB has changed a lot since the 30s. Note the addition of the clocktower, Buchanan Tower and expansion of the library.

During the war years, UBC had two operational searchlight towers. This one is located on Tower Beach.

The Bookstore has expanded dramatically since the 70s, adding more retail merchandise, as well as study space.

The view from the SUB facing Buchanan Tower has changed greatly since the 80s.

MacInnes Field used to be an actual field. At one point, the skydiving club landed on it. It is currently dug up to build a new Aquatic Centre. The old Aquatic Centre will be demolished and replaced with a new field.

Archival photos courtesy UBC Library and AMS Archives.