Black on campus: To be a Black male on campus

To be a Black male on campus means to experience…

Symbolic racism

Double/triple consciousness

John Henryism

Survival assimilation


Ambivalent racism


Racialized empathy gap

Institutional and interpersonal gaslighting

Race-based traumatic stress

Panopticism and panopticonian hypervisibility

Racial battle fatigue


Racial combat stress reaction


Dysconscious racism

Colorblind racism

White men’s fear of losing privilege

White women’s fear of being found culpable

Uncompensated racial labour

Unacknowledged racial hierarchy

Minorities’ internalized racism

The trepidation of whitelash

Being read as intimidating/aggressive

Exhaustion of being a minority

Liberal white betrayal

Lack of same race mentorship

Lack of same race counselors

The bureaucratic compartmentalization of anti-racism

People’s stares and gaze

Having to choose my battles

Tiptoeing around white fragility

Letting some acts of racism slide

A decreasing resilience quotient

Never being able to know if some things were racially motivated

Slowly walking toward the institution’s revolving door

Being a black male on campus.