Most Popular Stories of 2015

2015 was a busy one. Luckily you had The Ubyssey to distract you with articles about Mandopop stars, hot profs and tuition increases. Here are our top 10 most popular articles from 2k15:

UBC admission stats 2013/2014: GPAs, acceptance rates and more

We broke down the admission statistics from UBC’s data for the year 2013-14. Basically we all had to be super smart to get here so pat your seventeen-year-old selves on the back!

International tuition increases of 46.8 per cent over the next three years announced

The university announced they’d be asking the Board of Governors to approve tuition increases for future international students to the tune of nearly 50 per cent.

Letter: I was assaulted on campus and nobody saw

We published a letter from a student describing his racially-charged assault after a Pit Night earlier this year.

Pharmacy student Ariel Tsai launches her Mandopop career

Pharmacy student Ariel Tsai is a popular Mandopop star, so we chatted to her about that.

Gupta heads to University of Toronto

Gupta really wants to become best friends with Drake so he moved to the Six and started teaching at U of T. Not a confirmed reason, but it's a nice thought.

UBC’s 20 hottest profs, according to

We are mature and studious students who keep our eyes on our books… and these profs.

Letter: We need to talk

A student decried the rise of the “regressive left.”

Last Words: Hatin' on Drizzy

A prof got into a Twitter fight with a student over Drizzy coming to Block Party — we chronicled it.

Our Campus: In the eSports ring, Kurtis Ling is king

He’s the captain of UBC’s eSports team and we sat down with him for an interview.