Thrill your senses in these five unexpected locations

If you rent a house, having sex with your partner in the same bedroom can sometimes feel like a routine. If you share an apartment, not waking up everyone can be challenging. If you live in residence, making it happen when your roommate isn’t around can be a bit tricky. After having attended a boarding school on Vancouver Island, lived in residence at UBC and rented an apartment I have learned that when the traditional options are limited, you have to get creative to spice things up. To add some adrenaline to the experience while being as loud as you want and avoiding your roommate, thrill your senses in these five unexpected locations for a sexually-charged evening (or whatever time of day suits the mood).

Sex on the beach

Who doesn’t like Wreck Beach? UBC students have their own private access to the ocean and they should make good use of it! Most people hanging out there are already naked anyways. Imagine feeling the ocean breeze on your naked body, shivering slightly as you press yourself against your partner while hearing the waves crash on the shoreline. The moon might even be out if you’re lucky. My only recommendation: bring a towel, because things can get a bit sandy.

Romantic walk in the forest

The trees are tall and majestic, the refreshing breeze passes by, the sound of leaves crunching on the ground fills the air and, most importantly, no one is around. British Columbia is blessed with having some of the most stunning temperate rainforests in the world. For nature lovers, they might just be the perfect spot for having sex. The only inconvenience is that you might not be the only one wanting to enjoy the forest at night: beware of campers with flashlights, runners with headlamps and smokers out for a joint.

Rocking that sailboat

British Columbia is not only blessed with great forests, it also has direct access to the Pacific Ocean. And proximity to the ocean means proximity to sailboats — decently sized ones. If you liked the beach idea, then perhaps having sex on the water rather than merely next to it might be just what you’re looking for. Getting access to a sailboat if you don’t own one is a bit of an obstacle, but I heard that some boat owners rent online in False Creek. Be careful to not rock the boat too hard and blow your cover!

The best gym workout

It seems like everyone goes to the gym nowadays, feeling a rush of endorphins flowing through your body as you work out is addictive. Plus, people look really good in their gym outfits! Take your partner out at night for a nocturnal workout — sexual intercourse can make you burn up to 100 calories in a 25 minute session — and be sure to try different positions. The only problem will be getting access to the gym after hours, and of course making sure no one else is planning on using the space for similar purposes... it has happened to me.

SEX 101

There are a lot of lecture halls at UBC, and some are pretty comfy… you get where I’m going? The only issue with this location will be getting inside after hours, but if you are reading my article at this point, you’re committed enough that it shouldn’t be a problem for you. Some will prefer to lie down behind the last row of seats, others will want to stand up facing the whole room… no kink shaming! Just be sure to pick up after yourself — it’s always weird when you arrive for your morning class and someone else has to pick up those socks you forgot to put back on the night before.