99 things to do at UBC before you graduate

Every year there are new and exciting things to do here at UBC. We've compiled a list of some of our favourites. Some of them can be seen in our video from a few years back and some are all new.

If you manage to complete every item on this list, please let us know how you survived.


1. Find The Ubyssey office

2. Write for The Ubyssey

3. Drink with The Ubyssey

4. Make Tristan do all the dumbest things your creative brains can come up with (and 98 more)

5. Buy Honour Roll Sushi and suffer dearly for your foolish mistake

6. Get puked on at Pit Night

7. Wait two hours to be served a burger at the Gallery 2.0

8. Procrastinate your way through an all-nighter by binging shows on Netflix

9. Pull a second all-nighter and make all of the same mistakes over again

10. Drink so much Red Bull that you see everything in shades of red and can only hear the thundering of your racing heart while trying to write a Stats exam

11. Burn all of your notes at Wreck Beach

12. Realize that you actually needed some of those notes and drink away your sorrows while drowning in tears of despair

13. Find several wiry black hairs in your cafeteria food

14. Start resenting the system

15. Read The Communist Manifesto then start drinking absinthe and talking about the proletariat like a pretentious fucker

16. Get literally bitten by a Sauder snake

17. Do Day of the Longboat

18. Do the Undie Run

19. Do Storm the Wall with friends

20. Do Strom the Wall, Ironperson style

21. Come to loathe the frantic clicking of someone’s mouse as they play LoL while you try to study

22. Blow all of your money on car2go

23. Paint the cairn (Physical Cairn)

24. Paint the Cairn (AMS President)

25. Lose your Compass card

26. Lose your keys

27. Lose your wallet

28. Lose yourself

29. Reinvent yourself

30. Re-reinvent yourself

31. Realize reinventing yourself is a lot of work and go back to original you

32. Take one intro class about something and pretend you’re an expert for the next four years

33. Spend an hour staring longingly at the campus doggos

34. Wonder why you don’t have a dog

35. Pet Charlie the golden retriever as he wanders by you

36. Look up dog-friendly apartments in Vancouver

37. Cry over the Vancouver housing market

38. Submit a screenshot of an unfortunate Tinder conversation to fuckboysofubc (a gender-neutral platform to showcase fuckery)

39. Be the fuckperson whose messages are posted to fuckboysofubc

40. Suggest visiting MOA to all of your family and friends who come into town

41. Actually go to MOA

42. Sit in the Nitobe Memorial Garden without taking a single picture

43. Catch two people hooking up in the Nitobe Memorial Garden

44. Hook up in the Nitobe Memorial Garden

45. Find the UBC Farm

46. Join an extracurricular, do nothing all year and put it on your resume anyways

47. Spend an entire week on campus and temporarily forget there’s a city out there

48. Cross Burrard every day for a week and remember all the things you can miss stuck out on the Point

49. Go to the 24 hour McDonald’s in the Village 24 times, once during every hour of the day

50. Convince yourself it doesn’t snow in Vancouver and that you don’t need a warm jacket

51. Wake-up to snow outside your window and nothing but a falljacket in your closet

52. Take a snow day for yourself even though you live on campus

53. Leave your umbrella at home because it was sunny in the morning

54. Immediately regret your decision when you get soaked running to the bus loop

55. Steal an umbrella

56. Get lost in UBC’s construction on the way to the bus loop

57. Sit on the bus and gasp for air through the wet dog smell of fellow drenched students

58. Repeat every rainy day until the end of April

59. Walk head-on into someone else on Main Mall because both of you were scrolling through Facebook

60. Forget to eat before a three hour lecture and wait in fear for your grumbling stomach to start echoing throughout the entire room

61. Fart in a lecture hall and successfully blame the person next to you

62. Eat only noodle cups for a month and get scurvy

63. Find the chamber of secrets

64. Sleep through a midterm

65. Plan on really pulling it together this semester then lose interest after a week

66. Go to a prof’s office hours

67. Forget what the sun looks like after a month of rain

68. Break down in tears when you finally see the sun

69. Yeah, 69. Do it. What else did you expect us to say?

70. Forget everything that you needed for class

71. Forget about a presentation until an hour before you’re supposed to do it

72. Forget your own name when introducing yourself to a potential employer

73. Forget the sweet warmth of the sun after spending weeks in a library studying

74. Mumble exam questions under your breath as you walk down Main Mall

75. Write an essay on a book you didn’t read and get an A because grades are meaningless

76. Get blackout drunk and steal a construction sign

77. Get blackout drunk and go swimming in the fountain

78. Do a kegstand in the fountain

79. Get blackout drunk and make long-term friendships that you won’t remember anything about

80. Don’t get blackout drunk because you are going to be responsible tonight and work on that essay you’ve been putting off. Good for you!

81. Get blackout drunk anyway. Shame...

82. Audit a philosophy course to broaden your perspective

83. Realize most philosophy courses are zoomed-out versions of that one guy who talks 90 per cent of the time about himself and 10 per cent about his ideas of himself

84. Become friends with people based solely on your mutual hatred of that one guy

85. Meet Santa Ono

86. Selfie with Santa Ono #doitforthegram

87. Try to steal his bowtie

88. Get naked on Wreck Beach

89. See someone you recognize at the beach and avoid eye-contact the whole time

90. Get creeped out and never go nude to the beach again

91. Go carolling with the engineers and get drunk before 9 a.m.

92. Sign up for 75 clubs at Clubs Days, realize only one actually interests you

93. Reconsider having signed up for each club’s email list

94. Blackout and pretend to be a sports fan for one night at Homecoming

95. Blackout and pretend to be a sports fan again at Winter Classic

96. Buy overpriced UBC swag at bookstore because “You Are UBC”

97. Get put in the Penalty Box

98. Ace an exam to pass a course

99. Graduate