We’re not endorsing any of these, but we all know it’s safer to know what you’re getting into before you get in too deep.

Marijuana: Weed is by far one of the safest drugs that you can try. It’s not addictive and an “overdose” will just be some really intense hunger and existential adventures. Vancouver is known for its liberal attitude towards weed, but that still doesn’t mean you can be dumb about it. Be sure that your source is a reliable and trustworthy one.

MDMA/ecstasy: You will feel amazingly happy and lose all sense of worry, but this drug is highly addictive and can destroy your wellbeing and relationships. Be aware of who you’re buying from because many tablets contain little to no MDMA and can contain something else entirely.

Adderall: Some of you will try study drugs at some point. They can get you out of an academic bind and you’ll feel like a genius as pages and pages of essays flow out of you with ease. But if you don’t have a learning disability this drug will probably ruin your life. Your degree won’t be worth much in rehab.

Cocaine: Stay the hell away. Cocaine might make you feel like a god for a little bit, but the risks and long-term effects that it can have on the body make it a big gamble. Inevitably you’ll seem like an asshole to your sober friends and the comedown the next day will make you wish you were dead. Plus it gets real expensive, real fast.

Magic Mushrooms: Mushrooms are an eight hour trip in which everything is beautiful and you feel amazing. When it wears off you have no hangover or comedown and the negative effects are almost nonexistent. Nature is the best place for this but be sure that you are with people you feel safe with.

ACID: Set aside a full day for this one. Acid takes your mind and body for a ride that will break you down to nothing and force you to rebuild yourself. It’s an experience that’s not for the faint of heart and should be carefully planned out, but is well worth it if you’re looking for some good self-discovery.

WARNING: Fentanyl: Speaking of harmful additions, fentanyl is a huge one. In fact, it’s the one to look out for. Vancouver is projected to have 400 overdose deaths in 2017 and fentanyl is a huge part of this. If what you’re picking up has fentanyl cut into it, there is a serious possibility that you might die.

Both Student Health Services and University Pharmacy have Take Home Naloxone (THN) available so please consider getting one if you’re at risk of opioid overdose or to those at risk of witnessing an overdose.

Known drugs being cut with fentanyl: heroin, cocaine and oxycodone.

If someone appears to have overdosed or is otherwise reacting badly to drugs, call 9-1-1. Don’t worry, you are protected under the Good Samaritan Drug Overdose Act.