The Ubyssey

Now, you’ve gotten to the end of the Guide, you must be thinking “What is The Ubyssey? How do they know so much about UBC? Are they cool? Hip with the kids? Funky fresh?” This is the part of the Guide where we loudly yell for all to hear: “We are The Ubyssey! We are funky fresh!”

The Ubyssey has been UBC’s official student newspaper since 1918. We publish in print every Tuesday and publish online everyday. We bring you the news, reviews, insider information, humour and history that’s important to students. And we know what that is because we’re students too.

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If you want to write news, features, sports or culture? Come to The Ubyssey. If you want to take photos, shoot and edit video, or help design page and illustrate? We want you. If you just want a fun group to hang out with who occasionally go to a mansion on an island and drink in a hot tub on the roof of that mansion, we also do that.

Whether you dream of a future in journalism or you just want to see your name in print once, we have a place for you and our doors are always open. No experience needed, just a good attitude.

If you’re interested in joining us or just want to say hi, check us out in our office on the second floor of the Nest, Room 2208, Monday through Friday 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

NEWS learns about everything on campus before everyone else. Be ahead on the news.

CULTURE covers everything from theatre to the coolest places in Vancouver to get drunk.

SPORTS & REC cheers on everything from varsity sports to e-sports to Storm the Wall.

FEATURES publishes long-form pieces that dive deep into what’s really going down on campus.

SCIENCE gets to the bottom of the science on campus, from superbugs to sex robots.

PHOTOS makes sure that the words on the paper look good. The photo department sees all.

OPINIONS is where your strongly held views find paper. Anyone can submit.

BLOG is the world of humourous, creative, short articles that get the people going.

VIDEO is the place for the next YouTube star or if you just want to play with a camera.

DESIGN makes the world go round. We make everything pretty because no one reads ugly news.

WEB makes the print go viral. Our website is hand-built by some of UBC's best and brightest. (We love you Peter!)