Indigenous student resources

Indigenous Student Portal

This online portal serves as your one-stop information source for all Indigenous happenings at UBC Vancouver! Hear about Indigenous events, initiatives and resources available to support you during your time at UBC. Take advantage of programs offered, like academic support, professional and career development and emotional well-being.

Indigenous collegium

UBC offers two collegia specifically for Indigenous students — UBC Collegia and Vancouver Indigenous Students’ Collegium. These spaces are located in the First Nations Longhouse and open to all self-identifying Indigenous students. Regular organized group gatherings and social events are an excellent way to make new friends and be connected to the UBC Indigenous student community. Meet your collegium advisor and upper-year students, who can support you in every step of your UBC degree. Ask them about involvement opportunities, student resources and course advice to help you perform your best.

Academic support and X̱wi7x̱wa Library

If you’re currently taking math and science courses, you can receive tutoring to help you stay on top of course materials! See the schedule posted in the First Nations Longhouse. UBC is also home to the X̱ wi7x̱wa Library – an Indigenous library collection located near the First Nations Longhouse. It is home to over 12,000 Indigenous collections, with the latest in critical Indigenous scholarships and perspectives. For your upcoming assignment, swing by and peruse the stacks, or connect with the helpful reference librarians to help you find relevant materials!

Indigenous Undergraduate Research Mentorship Program (IURMP)

Self-identifying Indigenous students are eligible to conduct research in a field of their interest. This program matches interested students with a professor in a relevant field at UBC, allowing students the opportunity to experience undergraduate research. Students work a minimum of five hours directly with professors and post-doctoral fellows, contributing to research and exploring a future in academia. No two students’ experiences are the same, with each student participant personalizing the experience to their personal goals and passions.

A small stipend is provided to offset students’ participation in the program. Students from all faculties and interests are welcome. This is an excellent program for students wanting a glimpse into the cutting-edge research happening at UBC or interested in pursuing postgraduate studies. Hear past students’ experiences and the application process on the Indigenous Student Portal.

Getting involved in Indigenous initiatives

Getting involved is an awesome way to find your place and connect with other students of shared interests. Check out The First Nations Studies Student Association (FNSSA) or The Indigenous Students Association (InSA) — two AMS clubs promoting Indigenous topics, cultural practices and lifestyles. They organize social events to connect and build a sense of community among Indigenous students. Check out their event calendar to see what’s in store.