Best eats on campus

Whether it’s a hazy hangover meal or a quick refuel before an exam, campus has no shortage of good grub. Here are the best spots for a bite at UBC, depending on your preferences.

Best vegan spots

While most outlets have vegan or vegetarian-friendly options, there are places with menus dedicated to our plant-based friends out there. Sprouts Cafe is a great low-cost option tucked away in the Life Building with killer vegan brownies and a free meal program. Not too far away is Porch in the Nest with nutritious bowls for under $10. Just a little further in Wesbrook Village is Virtuous Pie, which serves vegan pizza.


Legend says that you don’t legally qualify as a UBC student without having experienced a celebratory Blue Chip cookie or boozy happy hour at the Gallery (both are in the Nest). Equally iconic are Down Low’s Chicken Shack for a Friday night pre- game and Uncle Fatih’s Pizza for your post-game.

Best underrated

If you’re feeling quirky and up for a walk, head over to Perugia’s Italian Café for fresh pastas and paninis, Koerner’s Pub for tacos and cocktails, or the Bubble Waffle Café tucked away inside a convenience store on Agronomy for rice bowls, noodles and dim sum.

Best desserts

Check out the new monthly ice cream flavours
at Rain or Shine (and sign our petition for them to never take away the lemon square flavour), Chatime on University Blvd. for some solid bubble tea or Mercante for great tiramisu.

Best cheap eats

In this economy, getting lunch without having to spend more than $15 feels like a win. Big chains like McDonald’s and Tim Hortons might be your go-to for cheap food, but might we recommend some other innovative choices like Fooood for healthy meals under $3, Agora Cafe for homemade and hearty baked goods, sandwiches and salads under $5 and the Flavour Lab in the Nest for fun Asian fusion bites under $9.

Best coffee

Venture out from your usual Starbucks order
and get your caffeine fix from Loafe Cafe (now with two locations on campus!) on their gorgeous outdoor patios, Boulevard Coffee for the richest beans and Great Dane Coffee for a gourmet sandwich to go along with your sip. And FYI, we think it should be *mandatory* to always get your drink with non-dairy milk, but we’ll leave that up to you.