Clubs and student groups

Everyone says to join clubs to make friends — and they’re right! Clubs rock!

Go to Imagine Day and Clubs Fair

Imagine UBC is an annual event that takes place on the first day of fall term (September 5) — there, you can explore student group booths along Main Mall. From the Varsity Outdoors Club to the Musical Theatre Troupe, there’s something for everyone.

You can chat with club members, sign up for clubs and get some free merch if you’re lucky. The Ubyssey will be there too, so come say “hi!” Learn more about us on page 76.

If you didn’t get to explore every club at Imagine Day (which is reasonable — there are more than 300!), the multi-day AMS Clubs Fairs at the end of September and in January have got you covered!

As student journalists, we have to shout out fellow campus media CiTR 101.9 FM. CiTR is the community radio station that runs Discorder, an arts magazine right out of the lower level of the Nest. It’s also where Canadian legend Nardwuar the Human Serviette got his start. If you’ve ever wanted to host your own radio show, CiTR will get you trained and give you air time. Learn more at

Student societies and associations

Each UBC faculty is represented by an undergraduate society — a team of elected executives and student volunteers. If you want to get involved in faculty-specific community building, this could be the place for you. You can find information about most student societies at

Student associations represent students in specific departments like English, computer science or geological engineering. Similar to an undergraduate society, student associations plan events and information sessions about their department, and some run their own undergraduate research journals.

AMS resource groups

Resource groups are advocacy subsidiaries of the AMS that raise awareness for social issues while offering students safe spaces to find community.

Groups include the Pride Collective (find more details on page 59), the Disabilities United Collective, the Social Justice Centre, the Student Environment Centre and the Women’s Centre. You can learn more at

Greek life

UBC is home to eight sororities and ten fraternities run by UBC Sororities and the Interfraternity Council, respectively. UBC also has some co-ed service, business and engineering fraternities that operate outside of the Greek system.

Recruitment for sororities and fraternities starts in September — you can learn more about Greek life, recruitment and dues through social media @ubcsororities and @ubc.fraternities.

While some enjoy Greek life for social and professional connection, others may never step foot inside a frat house. Greek life can be expensive, and some people don’t feel safe or uplifted in these spaces. Although Greek life and the university have worked to improve the environment, it still may not be everyone’s cup of tea, so don’t feel pressured to join because of some idealized version of university that you think only Greek life can give you.