Religion and spirituality

There are a plethora of spiritual resources at UBC to question, practice and deepen your faith, whatever that might be.

One way to explore your spirituality on campus is by meeting with a chaplain — they are individuals representing a religious, spiritual or philosophical belief, often ordained by their religion. The Multifaith Chaplains Association’s office is in LIFE 1303. It includes chaplains who are Roman Catholic, Sikh, Anglican, Presbyterian, Muslim, Zen Buddhist, Jewish and more.

You can find more information as well as contact information, programming and places of worship at:

If you prefer to meet in a larger group setting, there are several spiritual spaces on campus:

  • Hillel House (6145 Student University Boulevard)
  • Tenth Church UBC Point Grey (CIRS Building, 2260 West Mall)
  • Drop-in Zen Meditation (Life Building room 2212/2214)
  • St. Anselm’s Anglican Church (5120 University Boulevard)
  • University Chapel (5375 University Boulevard)
  • Chabad Jewish Student Centre (1867 Acadia Road)
  • St. Mark’s Parish (5935 Iona Drive)

You can also meet other students through faith-based student groups. Several major religions are represented by campus clubs, and some host community meals and similar events for students. You can find a full list of clubs on the AMS CampusBase website.

There are also multifaith prayer rooms available in the Wesbrook Building, West Mall Swing Space, Marine Drive Residence and the Life Building.

If you’d rather explore your spirituality privately through reading, then librarians and UBC Library research guides can help you out.