Mental health resources

From taking classes to figuring out how to live independently, university can be stressful. Here are some small things you can do to help maintain your mental health while at UBC.


It’s easy to forget about your own well-being while juggling three essays, a group project, a part-time job, friends and everything else going on in your life. Although it is easier said than done, remember to carve time out for yourself so that you can do all these other things while feeling your best.

Some ways to practice self-care are going on a walk, listening to music, painting, exercising or watching a show. Even just lying in bed for a few minutes (or hours) between classes can be rejuvenating. And, although we at The Ubyssey are all for aCaDemiC eXcElLeNcE, sometimes skipping a class or two when you’re feeling stressed or at a low point is necessary.

One last note on self-care: there is no such thing as “normal” me time— what one person might find relaxing, you might find stressful or hard to do. Just do anything that is easy for you to do to make yourself feel better.


Comparing yourself to others is something we all do, no matter how hard we try. But disparaging yourself for having an off day or not doing as “well” as your peers won’t help.

Be kind to yourself, and remember that everyone else is on their own journey. Even your TA or that one friend who seems put together are dealing with something. Give yourself some grace.


Even with all the self-care in the world, there will be something that you won’t be able to handle by yourself. Connecting with a friend, roommate or family member is an easy way to get help from others.

You can also seek help from a mental health professional. is a great way to find mental health resources on campus and filter the suggestions to your specific needs.

UBC Counseling offers a range of services, from shorter wellness appointments to a longer counseling appointment and both group and private counseling. They can be reached Monday to Friday at 604.822.3811.