Best eats in Vancouver

Not to knock UBC’s on-campus establishments (The Delly, you will always be famous) but eating out off-campus is generally cheaper and more delicious. Vancouver has a lot of great restaurants, and while you’ll certainly find your own favourites with a little exploration, here are some starting recommendations.


This student favourite has delicious sushi at reasonable prices. Ride the 99 B-Line to Sasamat to get the Koi Sushi Special — three items and miso soup for just $12.75.


While you should definitely also check out Nemesis Coffee for its pastries and drinks, Breka is the quintessential Vancouver bakery and café. Great for a morning coffee or a 2 a.m. drunk donut, every Breka location is open 24/7.


This Persian restaurant on Broadway and Trutch Street (with a UBC location coming soon) could become your go-to for a kebab.


Also on Broadway, you might be wondering why another sushi restaurant gets a mention on this list — it’s because they serve great cocktails.


Good pizza and authentic Italian food can be found at this restaurant in Mount Pleasant. If you’ve been dying for a cacio e pepe you should probably see a doctor, but afterwards head to Sprezzatura.


Whether you’re vegan or anti-vegan, MeeT (on Main, in Gastown or in Yaletown) has delicious plant-based food. If you haven’t already tried their sweet chili cauliflower, you need to stop reading and get on a bus.


The only good bagels in Vancouver. Get them at Granville Island or in Kitsilano.


Have your fish and eat it too with your choice of fresh seafood, cooking methods and sauces.


Sorry Sharetea, Perchance gets my “best $8 boba” award for the 2023/24 academic year. You can quote me on that, but this list has no byline.