Best eats on campus


Blue Chip Cafe is the campus classic in the Nest, though the line is usually quite long. Loafe Cafe is another popular option in the Alumni Centre and the Sauder building. Their drinks are good, though on the pricier side. On the north side of campus, Great Dane Coffee has solid drinks, and they accept Flex Dollars, which are practically monopoly money. The Food Hub Market in the CIRS building has $1 coffee, and for that price it really doesn’t matter how the coffee tastes.


If you are closer to Totem Park and Orchard Commons, head to Bean Around the World for your croissant fix. When they offer to heat up the croissant, say yes.

On the other side of campus, Great Dane sells the famous (to us) Jeremy sandwich. We recommend the lemon blueberry muffin and London fog scones.

You can also pick up one of Blue Chip’s in-house bagels, though they often run out in the afternoon.

Just down in Wesbrook Village, Doughgirls cannot go unmentioned. While you can’t use laptops inside, they have so many baked goods it makes up for it.


Pacific Poke in the Life building and ICICS is a flex-dollars go-to. The Grand Noodle Emporium in the basement of the Nest has a variety of noodle and rice dishes. Down at the end of the Nest’s basement hallway, you’ll find Sprouts Cafe, a student-run affordable food spot. The cafe also has free-meal cards for anyone to use. A little walk away, below McDonald’s, is the International Food Court, which has various more affordable Asian cuisine options.


The Gallery in the Nest and Koerner’s Pub are classics for drinks and bar food. Keep an eye out for special events and deals at both.

Don’t forget Rain or Shine ice cream! Any flavour you choose will be decadent — and always ask for samples. Taco Tuesday is perfect if you’re craving ice cream in a waffle cone taco shell.

There’s also plenty of bubble tea on campus ­— we prefer Pearl Fever Tea House near McDonald’s, and Chatime, though it can be a bit overpriced.

For a midnight snack, Uncle Fatih’s stays open till 1 a.m. on certain days. If you head across the street to the University Village plaza, Pizza Garden is open ‘til 1 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays, and McDonald’s and A&W are open 24/7.