Cheap prices and student discounts


The student-run cafe Sprouts in the basement of the Life Building offers affordable vegan and vegetarian food to fill your belly for lunch or a quick snack. Look out for Sprouts-run community eats, produce markets and community fridge programs where you can grab a free meal or some groceries by donation.

Agora Cafe in the MacMillan Building serves a wide selection of lunch hot dishes and baked goods. It is expanding to a second location at IRC (adjacent to Woodward Library) as well. UBC Food Hub also runs a subsidized (read: cheaper) grocery market at the Centre for Interactive Research and Sustainability (CIRS) for basics like pasta, peanut butter and veggies. Check for details.


You can gain free access to Nitobe Garden, the Beaty Biodiversity Museum, the Museum of Anthropology and many other museums at discounted prices with your student card. Other than having student prices on fitness programs and gyms, UBC Rec drop-in activities and the Aquatic Centre are also free for students to access through booking at

The Arts, Science and Commerce undergraduate societies have respective discount card programs for stores on campus. Visit each undergraduate society’s website or social media for more information.


The Too Good To Go app connects users with nearby stores and restaurants that sell surplus food for a reduced price.

Classifieds sites like Facebook Marketplace, Buy Nothing groups and Craigslist are great platforms if you are looking for textbooks and furniture. Don’t miss out on the student discounts for streaming and subscription services like Spotify and Amazon Prime too!