UBC Recreation (known as UBC Rec) is responsible for all the activities that get students moving around campus.

UBC Rec is behind many classic UBC traditions like Day of the LongBoat and Storm the Wall.

Beyond those events, they run intramural leagues for everything from dodgeball (visit the Ubyssey office to learn about how you can join our dodgeball team) to water polo to flag football. Most sports have a couple of tiers of competition, so everyone from the former competitive athlete to the total newbie can participate.

Registration for intramurals opens at the start of each term. If you’re looking for others to form a team with, UBC Rec will host a free agent night to meet others looking for a team. Besides that, you can find teammates through the UBC Intramural Facebook group or by frantically asking friends of friends of friends. Teams play once a week, making intramurals a great low-commitment way to stay active and meet people.

UBC Rec also hosts drop-in sports at the Student Recreation Centre (SRC). Stop by the SRC before or after classes to play some pickup basketball, volleyball or futsal — it’s free for students, just bring your UBC card!

UBC also runs two gyms on campus — the Bird Coop in the SRC and the ARC in the basement of the Life Building. The gyms are open 6:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. on weekdays during the school year, with all-access membership costing $42.50/term. They both have lots of equipment, but the Bird Coop is almost always packed. Make sure to go to the gym during off times since you’ll have to wait to workout if gyms are at capacity.

Finally, make sure you take advantage of Free Week. For one week, typically around the start of the term, you can attend any UBC Rec class for free. Try your hand at everything from pilates to an intense boot camp, then decide if you want to pay $85/term for unlimited group fitness classes.