Essential Apps

Technology is all around us, and there are many apps out there to help us use it to our advantage. Whether it’s your first time moving away from home or if you’re just looking for more productivity apps to make your life easier, here are five apps that will make being an adult easier.


Mint is a tool for those seeking to keep track of their finances. The app is a budget tracker and planner that connects securely to your bank accounts. The app is offered by Intuit, meaning that if you’ve filed your taxes through TurboTax, you can use the same account. The app offers suggestions for your budget based on your spending and allows you to view all of your balances (including bills) in the same place. You also get unlimited and free credit score checks.

Calendar apps

Digital calendars are powerful tools that will allow you to take your productivity to the next level. You can sync your events across all your devices and email accounts, sort them into different calendars, set recurring events and more. The possibilities are endless with digital calendars, and everything is backed up into the cloud, meaning that you’ll always have it with you when you’re on the go.


Although travel has been limited in times of physical distancing, flying is sometimes still necessary. Hopper predicts flight prices for different dates, allowing you to book plane tickets with the best price without having to compare across a million websites. Through the app, you can watch specific flights between certain dates and receive notifications when ticket prices decreasing.


Life can get overwhelming, and we all need a break every once in a while. Headspace provides you the tools to practice mindfulness through research-based methods. Using the app, you can meditate anywhere. You get access to a limited amount of content as a free user, with an annual subscription priced at US$69.99.


Productive is an app that allows you to build a routine of “positive, life changing habits.” It allows you to set goals and provides analytics on your progress over time. The app is customizable, allowing you to set your own habits and set different colours based on your preferences. This app essentially gamifies the process of building habits through building streaks — think Duolingo without the threatening owl, but for general habits.