Make the Most of UBC

Your university experience is what you make of it. You don’t have to do exactly what others are doing — there are different ways to make it memorable. The opportunities are out there, but you need to step out of your comfort zone and look for them. As the university motto goes, Tuum Est, “It is yours.”

Get involved! Join a club, organization, literally anything

Joining a club is a great way to meet people with the same interests, pursue your passions and try things you don’t know anything about yet. Who knows, maybe you’ll accidentally find your one true calling in a meeting room in the Nest. Also check out Residence Life, sports, student politics and volunteering opportunities for events and programs.

Go to all the events — well, as many as you can

UBC events may be a thing of the past, but once we can expand our bubbles, they will be worth the wait. From music festivals to talks about current issues, there’s usually something cool going on. Go to a game and cheer on the T-Birds, challenge your athletic abilities with Storm the Wall, pet dogs at exam season events or make friends with your neighbours at residence events. But for right now, join a webinar or a Zoom call.

Talk to your profs

What’s better than discussing something you’re interested in with an expert that’s more than happy to talk to you? Not only can they answer your questions but also give you advice and talk more about class topics. Found something interesting and want to learn more? You know where to go.

Know your campus and explore

There’s a reason why UBC is often described as a city within a city. We have our own hospital, fire department, a farm, beaches and forests minutes away from the classrooms and restaurants — you can technically stay here forever. Take Instagram-worthy pictures at the Nitobe and Rose Gardens, go for a swim at the Aquatic Centre, get wasted during Pit Night, wander aimlessly through Pacific Spirit Park, explore our museums (for free!) or watch the sunset at Wreck or Tower Beach after a long day of classes. You’ll never be bored again.

Take valuable opportunities for your professional and academic life

Want to gain good work experience? Apply for co-op, Work Learn jobs or internships and develop your skills before being thrown into the real world. While things may look differently right now, other years Go Global let students opt for a foreign semester.

Use the resources that you’re paying for

You are not alone. Stuck on a math problem or need feedback on your first university essay? The Centre for Writing and Scholarly Communication is normally available at the library but is taking appointments online through the pandemic. The Math Learning Centre is there for all your math