Cheap Eats

Sun Sushi

If you go to UBC, you’ve been to Sun Sushi. Hit up this classic Japanese spot for some udon or perhaps try a bento box. It’s cheap and a few minutes away from campus on the 99.

Sunshine Diner

Located in Kitsilano, Sunshine Diner is the place to go for cheap breakfast food. Check out their blueberry pancakes and egg breakfast combos if you go, and say hi to the Elvis and Marilyn Monroe statues greeting you at the door.

Phở Extreme Xe Lua

Taking the 99 off campus? Make a stop by Pho Extreme Xe Lua on the corner of Broadway and Cambie. Open 24/7, the restaurant doles out hearty bowls of pho for affordable prices. Remember to stop by an ATM before visiting — cash only here.

Cafe Zen

Cafe Zen’s the place to hit when you’re craving some good ol’ homestyle bacon and eggs. I’d start with The Classic — eggs and hashbrowns any style you’d like for $7.25. Nuff said.