Off-Campus Housing


There are definitely pros and cons to having roommates or not. Living alone means that you don’t have to share your space or plan your day around anyone else’s routines, but it also means that you probably will have to pay more. Living with roommates can provide lots of good opportunities for socialization and can make your place feel more home-y if you all get along. But if you don’t, the atmosphere can become a lot less fun.


For most students, proximity to bus lines or train stations is an important factor to consider. Map out what your commute to school would look like to see if you’d be happy making that commute every day. Beware that the closer buses get to campus, the fuller they’ll be. This means that inside a certain radius, you’ll likely be watching several buses pass you by. Also consider the proximity to things like grocery stores, coffee shops, bars and other places that will incentivize you to get out of the house when you find yourself with free time.


Prioritize your needs within your space! Some people can live without a desk in their bedroom, natural light or easily accessible laundry. If that’s not you, that’s perfectly fine. You don’t need to settle for less when finding a home. The most important thing is to find a place that matches your needs, whether that be a large bathroom or extra storage space.

Finding housing in Vancouver can be tough, and it is more expensive than other places in BC or Canada. Before renting, make sure you are fully aware of your rights and what you are entitled to as a tenant. Vancouver’s Tenant Resource and Advisory Centre offers an excellent online resource that can help to answer any questions you may have about renting. It also offers free phone consultations if you need one-on-one advice.