Weed and Where to Get It

Marijuana, pot, weed if you will, is legal across Canada if you’re over 19. Its usage is common in Vancouver, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a drug. Make sure you know where you can and can’t smoke — like in residence!

There are two main types of cannabis plant: indica and sativa. Cannabis users might claim that sativa strains are more energizing, while indica will give you a more relaxing experience. Science doesn’t quite support this, but because there’s no simpler way to classify the effects of cannabis, the indicasativa dichotomy persists at most stores you’ll go to.

If you’re over 19 and looking to buy cannabis, here are some ways to go about it.

Buy it online

The BC government’s online store, bccannabisstores.com, offers high and low-end products that can be shipped discreetly to your home. From edibles, pre-rolls, flowers, oils, creams and even teas, they’ve got whatever you need whether you’re an occasional smoker or a blazing veteran.

Find a store

There are currently over 30 fully licensed stores in Vancouver, and many more stores without licenses. The closest licensed store to campus is La Canapa Boutique off 16th and Dunbar, and The Stalk Market is an Indigenous-owned dispensary located off of Broadway and Balaclava. In-person shopping allows you the advantage of seeing and judging the quality of the weed for yourself. Illegal stores also oftentimes have dab bars if you’re comfortable using a communal bong.