Participate in UBC's boxing charity exhibition tomorrow night

If you feel like starting out your sleepy first week of classes by watching your fellow UBC students throw their fists at each other, then you might want to check out the UBC Boxing Club’s charity exhibition in the Wesbrook Community Centre tomorrow night.

At the event, members of the UBC Boxing Club will be competing against one another in a championship and attendees can participate in a number of mini-games.

In one interesting challenge, attendees can pay a minimum $1 donation to get a full minute to try to punch one of the club’s instructors, Joe Theobold.

“He won’t hit back, but will you even be able to touch him?” reads the event’s Facebook page. Given his boxing skills, it’s probably not easy to do.

In what is sure to give students terrible memories of high school gym class, there’s a “burpee station” where attendees can compete to see who can do the most burpees in one minute. The winner will get a hoodie with the UBC Boxing Club’s logo on it.

There is also a skip rope competition where the person who skip ropes the longest will win a goodie-filled gift basket.

All proceeds from the event will go the Eastside Boxing Youth Program, a community-based non-profit organization that provides free boxing programs to vulnerable populations and at-risk children and youth in East Vancouver.

Attending the event requires a minimum donation of $1. Get out all of your first-week pent up aggression and go hang out with the Boxing club — maybe you’ll even find that the club is a new activity that you can take up as part of your New Year’s resolution!