Worst ways to introduce yourself in office hours

It’s almost a month into classes. The first three weeks you’ve heard are pretty chill are beginning to slip through your fingers. Undeniably, the workload is starting to pile on you, and the only question you have when your professors ask, “Any questions?” is, “Yeah, what the fuck?” Fortunately, there is a two-word term that could potentially save you: office hours.

However, being human means making mistakes (and hopefully laughing at them later on), so here is a list of the worst ways to introduce yourself at office hours:

“Are you Dr. …?”

If you’ve not been to classes often even though the term just started, or you simply never showed up for any, you could potentially find yourself not being able to remember what your professors look like. You show up at the right location at the right time, but you’re still not convinced that that’s the face you remembered. So, you swallow your pride and work up the courage to say, “Are you Dr. …?” because let’s be real, you’ve only been to class once.

Coffee Chaos

8 a.m.’s are hard, but coffee makes everything a little more bearable. To add a little spice to your office hour meeting and a wake up call to your mornings, spilling coffee all over your professor’s table is definitely one of the worst ways to say “hi” to them for the first time. If you’re lucky, hopefully your professor will laugh with and not at you.

Not introducing yourself at all

Ever find yourself panicking so profusely about your hardest course that it’s the only thing on your mind? If you are about to stumble into your professor’s office without even saying a simple “hello” because you’ve lost all common courtesy, and go straight to spewing your long overdue questions due to the desperation of getting it off your mind, calm down! Professors are humans too; just say “hi!"